Yes, you can heard it right. John Legend will play Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena this January. So go for the john legend concert there. John became a popular performer who participated in many projects of other musicians. He was invited by Kelly Clarkson, Megan Trainor, David Guetta, etc. In 2017, Legends recorded a duet with the American actresses and Ariana Grande, who became the soundtrack for the Disney film Beauty and the Beast.

In 2016, John released another studio album, Darkness and Light, in which he continued his fruitful collaboration with rappers. The title track, titled “Love Me Now,” this time was attended by musicians Chance the Rapper and Miguel.


In 2008, Legend made his film debut. He played a small role in the movie Bluesmen, directed by Malcolm D. Lee.

A year later, John became one of the participants in the People Speak documentary project, where, among other famous Americans, he spoke on topics of vital importance for the country: equality and justice, the need for social change, etc.

Legend’s musical and producing abilities were revealed on the screen in a television broadcast of the concert production of the famous rock opera of Andrew Lloyd Weber “Jesus Christ is a superstar”, which premiered on May 8, 2018. John performed the main part of the musical and received the Emmy Award. The remaining roles were played by Sarah Barellis, Brandon Victor Dixon, Alice Cooper and others. The john legend show will have all these songs present.

Personal life

In 2007, while shooting a video for the song “Stereo,” Legend met his future wife, model Chrissy Tigen . After 6 years, the couple got married in Italy, on the shores of Lake Como, where their romantic relationship began some time ago. At the wedding, the premiere of the music video “All Of Me”, which the musician dedicated to the adored bride, took place.

John and Chrissy now have two children. First, they had a daughter, Luna (2016), and after 2 years, the son of Miles Theodore (2018) was born.

The couple lead a joint page on Instagram, where they open the veil of personal life, posting photos of her most memorable moments.

John Legend now

Currently, Legend has finished work on the album “A Legendary Christmas”, which includes 14 tracks dedicated to his favorite winter holiday. You can simply grab the john legend tickets and go for the best time there.

John Legend in 2018

The artist performs with concerts in New York clubs and plans to play a movie again in the near future. According to preliminary information, it will be a thriller directed by James Salmon, whose premiere date is not yet known.

While in college, he served as the post-president and music director of a band called Counterparts. Having released many studio albums, Legend has also collaborated with artists such as Kanye West, Britney Spears and Lauryn Hill. In 2015, he received an Oscar for the song Glory, which he wrote for the historical film Selma.

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