Before you purchase a cell phone, it’s important to understand which networks your phone will work with. While Apple sells the iPhone, Android devices offer more customization. The downside is that Apple apps are not available on Android phones, such as Facetime. If you’re not an Apple fan, consider buying an Android device. There are several consumer reports and guides that explain each of the major cellular providers. To simplify the buying process, consider using one of these guides.

The most popular category of today is the complex model. These phones offer numerous entertainment and practical applications, including photo editing, daily footstep tracking, news, games, and more. Seniors can easily manage IoT (internet of things) devices with a sophisticated cell phone. Complex cell phones may require touchscreen comfort, so be sure to choose one that matches your level of comfort. If you’re an older adult looking for the best cell phone, a simple guide will make it easier to determine what features you want.

Choosing the right cell phone can be complicated. You’ll need to choose the network and choose a plan. Certain phones are only available through specific cellular providers, so this may lead to confusion. Consumer Reports has compiled a cell phone guide for all of the major cellular companies. The information in these guides can help you choose the right cell phone. You’ll also want to check out the ratings of each provider, which can be found on the company’s website.

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